Hear ye, hear ye! A small, domesticated carnivore. Bred in a number of varieties.
So there’s places I don’t wanna go.

And answers to questions I don’t wanna know.
It is in my sunken eyes, that the mirror reveals my disguise.

There’s an ocean of faces right in front of me.
And a million miles to go before I sleep.
I’m a drunken butterfly.
All my nightmares refuse to die.

I am wasting time on foolish cinematic dreams.
I see my future running on a broken silver screen.
I’m walking on a sunken road.
Waiting for my head to explode.

he really loves you, you just don’t always love yourself.

if I recall correctly, this’ll be my first Valentines in mutual love with someone.

I hope you know that you’re my hero.

you turn simple moments like riding the train into something I’d do for a living.