Hear ye, hear ye! A small, domesticated carnivore. Bred in a number of varieties.
Anonymous asked:
I'd personally like to see Dover, Nami Tea, Babaco Soybean and Desi Dates! they're my favorites of all your sims (:

Absolutely L O V E your picks!

I’m on it, Nonny~!

Anonymous asked:
Hello gorgeous! Hope all is well! ;)

Hi there! Everything’s pretty solid on my end. Thanks!

Anonymous asked:
I can't speak for everyone but I personally believe the second version looks more true to Meekas ts3 self!

Ah, that is so nice to hear! Thank you very much, Nonny. :3

Anonymous asked:
Dionysos is a god, not a goddess.

Oh! Poor lad. It’s been a while since I looked at the Wiki page. Thank you for the rectification! Wouldn’t want to cross a god, you know?

Anonymous asked:
Could you do side by side comparisons or your sims and their ts4 counter parts?

I will once I’m completely content with them! So far, I think Meeka resembles her TS3 “persona” the most.