Hear ye, hear ye! A small, domesticated carnivore. Bred in a number of varieties.


As I helped get Sanguinello back to our place I could feel myself hiding in fear deep inside my calm demeanor as his words from when we first started dating slowly washed over me like a bucket of ice. “So what else do you want to know or is that enough for now? Because I can tell you a lot more that would probably scare you away.” Because I don’t know if I’d really still be here after witnessing an outburst like that in the beginning. Like right now logically everything and my tired muscles was telling me to leave, running down the street and to the first train to Sweet Valley. But my heart just wanted to take care of him to do anything that would make him feel alright. No one mentioned the fight or anything that had to do with us having to haul him back to the apartment the rest of the time Mizu and Toff stayed with us but by the end of the weekend I was dying to say something.“Sanguinello I uh kind of want to talk about what happened this um weekend. You know down at the diner…” I tried as delicately as I possibly could approach the subject Sunday evening while Sanguinello appeared to be zoned out on the couch.

Chapter 12

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