Hear ye, hear ye! A small, domesticated carnivore. Bred in a number of varieties.

and finally, meeka! i hope i did your lovely ladies justice.

So pretty…

Thank you, Anon~!

Loli - As a disney princess!! Mizu and Meeka are up next <3

Okay, so… you guys are about to see something absolutely tremendous that the lovely Anon from yesterday threw together for me!

Honestly, I think this is the cutest thing ever and I would like to thank you for doing this for me. It means more to me than you could ever imagine!

Also: you didn’t just do my ladies justice, you turned them into magnificent, magical beings of the princess kind. Really, thank you! <3



For Kitty~

Oh my god no way T ____ T

To whomever this may concern: thank you so much! <3

Your faith in me is astounding. Inspiring, even.